Instructor Bio

Brandon Smith, Lead Firearms Instructor

Brandon is a certified firearms instructor with security and law enforcement experience. Brandon has designed comprehensive use of force guidelines for armed guards and other security professionals for some of the leading security companies here in the United States. Brandon also specializes in risk and threat assessment. 

Certified NRA Firearms Instructor (2016-Present) US Army ROTC (2005-2009), Licensed Armed Security Officer (2008-2019) Licensed Armored Car Guard (2008-Present) SORA (2016-2018) Community Emergency Response Team (2010-2013) Emergency Medical Technician (2007-2016) Westchester REMSCO Life Save Award (2015) 

Professional Affiliations: NRA, Boy Scouts of America, G4S Secure Solutions (USA), Asset Protection Group, Eastern Protection Group, US Security Associates, Allied Universal, Command/Prosegur Security, and Brinks Armored Car Service. 



Submission Drill Demonstration by Brandon. 

Shotgun Training with Brandon.

Matching Drill by Brandon.

Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need a pistol permit to train with a handgun?

Yes. To legally handle a pistol in New York, you need to have a valid NYS pistol permit. 

Can I take the safety course online?

Yes. You can take the course online, but you will still need to pass an in person skills session and final exam. 

Do you offer refunds?

No. You may reschedule. 

Where is your shooting range?

We teach at and utilize the indoor ranges at Rockland Indoor Shooting & Education in Pearl River, NY and Masterclass Shooters Supply in Monroe, NY. 

Do you offer the HR218?

Not at this time. We can recommend another instructor.

Are you certified to teach?

Yes. Brandon is a certified firearms instructor in good standing with the NRA and other professional associations.